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Studio shot.jpg

I love my Spotify
library of music.

On this particular day music from the 1960s was playing. 

"House of the Rising Sun"

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough"


"Come Together"

and much more.

genuine chinese vermillion_edited.jpg

This color is a must for my palette. Genuine Chinese Vermilion. It is a vibrant, rich color. High pigment content with no fillers or extenders.


I use Michael Harding paints almost exclusively. Michael Harding, himself a painter, uses techniques that date back to the Old Masters when making his paints. Without fillers, extenders, and dryers, the high pigment content and the buttery texture of the paint makes Harding's worth the cost.

paints picture cropped.jpg

The container for the paints was a special gift from Charles and Polly Huff. Handmade using old salvaged longleaf pine.

This is the note that I received with my paint holder. 

I usually paint with music playing.

It's always cluttered with paintings and supplies, yet the place buzzes with activity. Many works hang on the walls unfinished until I return to them. 

Studio photo.jpg
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