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The Southern Series

with Brenda Sutton Rose

Georgia Museum of Agriculture is bringing a unique exhibit of artistry and storytelling, raw and intertwined, a weaving of the canvas with words straight from the cottonmouth language of the South. Brenda Sutton Rose: The Southern Series.

This one-woman exhibit runs from September 1, 2023 through December 15.  More information to come soon.

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I spent many summers stringing and unstringing tobacco. The summer sun in Georgia could be brutal to farmers. Often, I, along with others, would sing, our voices joyful. The only poetry many of the laborers knew was the rhythm of stringing the tobacco, the sweet tapping of rain on a tin roof, and the old spirituals they knew by heart. In Stringing Tobacco, I took great care in painting a barn similar to the one I remember from my youth. This is a sample of what will be in the oil series Southern Life. I won't be posting most of my works that in the series since I need to withhold them for the exhibition. I'll give you more information in the future.

Stringing Tobacco

Stringing Tobacco
Oil on Canvas

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