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Private Collection

Private Collection  NFS
"Abandoned Boat"

Oil & Cold Wax on Canvas

Brenda Sutton Rose:

"The Southern Series"

A one-woman show of art and story featuring Brenda Sutton Rose, author and artist, will be opening on September 1, 2023 at Georgia Museum of Agriculture in Tifton, Georgia.

More information coming soon!



As a writer and a visual artist, the creative process gives me joy and satisfaction. I turn to words, paragraphs, stories and, of course, the canvas when expressing feelings inside me that are rising to the surface and when giving life to new ideas.


Some paintings flow from me with the vibrancy of spilled wine and take no more than a few days from beginning to completion, yet other paintings, such as those I glaze again and again, take months to create. The process, whether short or long, brings me joy, satisfaction, and the thrill that comes with accomplishment. There is healing in art, in music, writing, painting, dancing, in all the arts.


I usually, though not always, listen to my favorite music while painting. One day I might play the blues and the next day I might be listening to classical violin solos. At times, music seems to be a partner, an invisible companion in my art studio.


On my palette are Michael Harding oil paints. These artist grade paints are made by hand, using techniques that date back to the Old Masters. Completely free of fillers, MH paints are of the finest quality.

If you are interested in my writing, my author website will pop up if you click here. If you are interested in reading my novel DOGWOOD BLUES, just click on the title.

You can reach me through my email:

Brenda Sutton Rose

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Landscape Paintings

I spent my childhood connected to the land, working in the garden, playing outside, stringing tobacco under a tree near the barn, catching fireflies. The land and nature come to me when I paint.

Magical realism Monastery.jpg

Magical Realism Paintings

Every now and then I feel the need to create a work of magical realism, to explore what lives only in the imagination. 

Not Your Granny's Closet.jpg

Paintings of all types

Though I paint in oil, I'm unable to limit myself to one style, one mood, one dream. 

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